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Professional Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

Tubeless tire repair kits that plug the hole and patch the inside of the tire quickly, permanently, and easily.

Our tire repair kits contain a non-bending, break-resistant insertion tool and non-tearing cotton repair strands impregnated with synthetic rubber... No glue or cement.

Nealey Tire Repair Kits repair tubeless tires on the wheel, making it the easy, hassle-free, and economical solution for repairing flat tires.

The kits are designed for a wide range of tubeless tire repairs, from small ATV and mover tires all the way up to 6-ply and larger tires found on implements, tractors and semis.

For 30+ years we have been supplying quality products and service. We credit our success and longevity to our very large and loyal customer base who continue ordering year after year . . . see Testimonials.


Nealey Company, 14409 Buena Vista Drive, Urbandale, Iowa 50323 | 515-987-0000 | 800-289-9781 | nealey@tirerepairkit.com


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