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What Are People Saying About Us

"Thank you so much for the fast service. We wouldn't use anything but Nealey!"
- D Belthoft Omaha NE

"Thanks for the quick service. It's nice to do business with people like you. I will tell my friends about your product."
- B Bradley

"I picked up an old piece of cow bone in the rear of my ATV and cut a slot about 3/4" long - two plugs and the darn tire holds air . . amazing."
- C Terrace Williamsburg KS

"Thanks for a wonderful product! Your repair kits sure make life easier!"
- W Strahm

"I've been using your product for 10+ years. It's now selling itself . . . as of July 2001 every operator at the City of Minot Landfill carries Nealey plug kits!"
- J Fredrich

"I'm a rural mail carrier & I love your product!"
- M Stark

"I've been using your tire repairs since the early 80s and have never had a failure. I've used your repairs on new and bald auto tires, farm and lawn tractor tires and big truck tires. Thanks for a truly trustworthy product."
- R A Faber

"Thanks for a wonderful product. I plan to tell all my friends about this product."
- L Hairgrove

"I plugged the hole with your kit and checked the pressure the following morning. Lost no air at all during a 4 hr 70 mph, 95 degree ride on Nigeria and Benin's rough tropical roads." CHEERS!
- B Greaney

"Thank You! I don't go anywhere without my tire repair kit!"
- H Nitzel

"This has been great to repair my tractor tires. I've used them on thorns & many stabs. It saved me a lot of down time."
- C Bower Pittsburg KS

- R Rom

"I was a skeptic at first, but I believe that stuff would plug a leak in the "Hoover Dam". I'll be sure to tell my friends about your great product."
- P Staffer

"On a recent trip across Simpson Desert in Central Australia I got 9 punctures which were all repaired with your kit, without ever touching a wheel nut much to the amazement of my mates."
- S Rose

"Thanks for selling such a terrific product! Repairing tires has now become a SNAP!"
- H Schultz

"I just placed an order . . . replacements & 1 new kit. This year for Christmas I think I'll get everyone I know a kit. Great product, and what service!
- K Burnham Burnham Aircraft, Carr CO

"We are farmers and we were extremely pleased with this product."
- O.R., Mascoutah, IL

"I do believe it is used more than many other items around this farm."
- W.N.H., Sask, Canada

"They work really good - I'll recommend them to friends."
- C.S., Ossian, IN

"I have NEVER had to replace one of your tire repairs. Thanks so much for a reliable product."
- R.A.F., Beaufort, MO

"It is the best tubeless repair I have ever used."
- H.B., Ponce City, OK

"I repaired a steel belted radial on my dad's '86 Ford Taurus. Satisfied."
- D.H., Sask, Canada

"Your string repair kits have been a lifesaver on the farm and in our autos."
- C.E.B., Clarington, OH

"These really work on a variety of farm and highway tires." 
- J.M., Alberta, Canada

"The rope plugs work great on 3 wheeler tires and our other various farm implements."
- J.M., Alberta, Canada

"Sure has worked. Repaired 6 tires - Saved a lot of time and money."
- R.S., Fremont, NE

"I use your product in everything from pickup tires to tractor tires, and I am very satisfied with your product."
- G.M., Midkiff, TX

"They are the best I have ever used, and now I need more."
- R.K., Quinter, KS

"Once an ATV tire had a hole about the size of a pencil. Your Repair is Holding!"
- J.O., Cadiz, KY

"Just the answer when in a rush at seeding or harvest time."
- C.P., Alberta, Canada

"I have certainly enjoyed using this product and have recommended it to others."
- C.C., Guthrie, OK

"Best product we have ever found since Peanut Butter. Thanks!"
- L.P., Jacksboro, TX

"It worked just SUPER! It saved a lot of time at the end of a long and weary day."
- D.P., Oskaloosa, IA

"Nothing I have tried before ever came close to working as well as your tire repairs."
- L.L., Portland, TN

"I received the refill the day after I called you. 15 minutes later I had to repair a 4-Wheeler tire - worked great!
- J.K.W.

"I have been using these kits for 15 years!"
- N.W.S., Cedar Rapids, IA

"It has really been useful out on the farm."
- L.M., Glen Elder, KS


Nealey Company, 14409 Buena Vista Drive, Urbandale, Iowa 50323 | 515-987-0000 | 800-289-9781 | nealey@tirerepairkit.com