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Helpful Hints

1. Large Punctures: Normally one repair strand works . . thread two repair strands through the needle for larger holes.

2. Heavy or steel belted tires: Insert the tool into the puncture before threading the repair strand . . Simply to make sure that it fits. If the tool won't fit into the puncture, open up the hole . . using a reaming device . . on heavy tires USE A DRILL.

3. Standard or Deluxe Repair Kit: Use full 14" repair (bury the long inserting tool) on any tire bigger than a car . .
     or any tire carrying more than 35 psi. To repair cars and smaller tires on (ATV, Gator, Mule, Mower, garden tractor, golf car . . etc)
    Cut the 14" repair strand in half. Insert into the tire . . making sure to stop before the ends of the repair disappear.
    Give the handle the 1 1/2 turns before removing the tool. Cut needle free at the tire surface . . just as when repairing large tires.
    ***If the ends of the repair disappear or you slip all the way in, simple pull the repair all the way out and start over . . no big deal.

4. Inserting tools: Guaranteed for life . . should you EVER bend or break a tool, simply call 800-289-9781 (on your kit)
   Tell us the tool went bad, and we will replace it at NO CHARGE . . no hassle no questions asked.


Nealey Company, 14409 Buena Vista Drive, Urbandale, Iowa 50323 | 515-987-0000 | 800-289-9781 | nealey@tirerepairkit.com