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How It Works

The secret to the Nealey Tire Repair Kit is the repair strand. The repair strand is made of uncured butyl and silicone rubber products that cure into the puncture, plugging the hole and forming a seal on both the inside and outside of the tire.


easy1.gif (3080 bytes) 1. Insert unthreaded tool into puncture and rock handle vigorously to clean hole.
easy2.gif (2583 bytes) 2. Thread repair cord through eye of inserting tool until ends are even.
easy3.gif (3133 bytes) 3.Insert tool into puncture all the way to handle and then turn 1-1/2 revolutions.
easy4.gif (3261 bytes) 4. Pull tool out until tip just clears tire surface. Cut exposed cord to free tool. Hole is now plugged and a patch-like repair remains on the inside.


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