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Nealey Company produces high quality tubeless tire repair kits that plug the hole and patch the inside of the tire quickly, permanently, and easily.

No More Cheap Bendable/Breakable Repair Tools
Our Tire Repair Kits include a non-bending, break-resistant insertion tool and non-tearing repair strands made of synthetic rubber containing no glue or cement.

Strong, Compact and Reusable/Resealable Weather-Resistant Packaging
Our heavy duty, professional quality, permanent, tubeless Tire Repair Kits are packaged in a strong, weather resistant poly tube with red endcaps and an attractive store label with UPC coding. The kits can be resealed after each use so none of the repairs go to waste.

Decades of Experience and a Reputation for Quality
We have 30+ years of experience in the industry, and has been supplying Tire Repair Kits to professional tire shops for decades. Our quality and customer services is backed by a strong base of loyal customers who continue to order our Tire Repair Kits because of their quality, longevity and value.

(Part no. 11007)

(Part No. 21014)

12 Kits per display, Large printed header

For Details and Pricing Information, call Matt Nealey at 800-289-9781

We ship within 2 working days! Terms: Net 30 days
Minimum order one dozen, actual shipping cost added to invoice.


Nealey Company, 14409 Buena Vista Drive, Urbandale, Iowa 50323 | 515-987-0000 | 800-289-9781 | nealey@tirerepairkit.com